Ugh your blog is such a gem of old photos back in the Trad days!! <3 love it so much. Thanking you endlessly x

thank you :) 

Happy Lughnasadh!

Happy Lammas to you! 



Blessed Lammas!


Is there a particular kind of incense appropriate to Inanna?

cedar wood would be great for Inanna :)

How did you make your pentacle? I love your blog by the way, its an instant follow for me!

I made it with a disc of white clay, then I took the picture of the celtic knot ring and reported it on a piece of contact paper and I passed the drawing on the clay with a toothpick :) and then I added the pentacle and the other symbols ;) 

My handmade pentacle (by me)

Raymond and Rosemary Buckland, during a ritual

Monique Wilson, Gardnerian High Priestess

Monique Wilson

Alex and Maxine Sanders, in outdoor ritual